Cartoonist cum Caricaturist Omar Pérez (Omar) from Villa María, Córdoba. Argentina

Omar Pérez (Omar)
Villa María, Córdoba. Argentina (1956).
Graduate of Fine Arts. Cartoonist, illustrator, caricaturist and graphic designer.
In 1980 shows his first works in Hortensia. Collaborates with several Argentine
publications: Noticias, El Diario, Puntal Diario, El País, Río Revuelto, The Garrotazo,
Impulso, …

Since 1989 lives in Spain, working in most of the Galician newspaper La Voz de
Galicia, Orense diario, Xornal diario, Diario 16, La Región,…
I have attended and participated in exhibitions and shows around the world. Also
in live exhibitions of caricature.
Individual exhibitions in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy.
King of Humor in Italy 2011.
Representative for Spain of UWC (Union of World Cartoonists).
Invited as jury in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus…
Various awards around the world.

My work:
Omar Pérez
Avda. Vista Hermosa 7 – 1º F
32002 Ourense. Spain

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