Cartoonist Cum Caricaturist Mr.Miroslav Gerencer from Osijek, Croatia

Miroslav Gerencer was born in Osijek, Croatia 1948. He is angaged in cartoons for more than thirty years. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Cartoonists. He is a regular contributor to the enigmatic magazines “Phoenix” and “Skandi Phoenix” and also publishes periodically  in the Swiss Nebelspalter. He has exhibited his works at many group exhibitions in Croatia; (Zagreb, Bjelovar, Varazdin, Sv. Ivan Zelina, Slavonski Brod) and worldwide (Ancona, Cuneo, Foligno, Marostica, Tolentino, Trento, Turin and Vercelli – Italy, Boom, Knnoke-Heist, Olen, Beshout and Kruishoutem – Belgium Lisbon in Portugal, Bucharest in Romania, Berlin in Germany, Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, Tehran in Iran, Haifa in Israel, Legnica in Poland, Skopje in Macedonia, Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Nicosia in Cyprus, Gabrovo in Bulgaria, Seoul and Taejon in Korea, Omiya, Tokyo, Okhotsk in Japan, Taipei in Taiwan, Nairobi in Kenya, Colombia and China).

He is the author of the book Portrait of Caricatures “Faca do face” – 1995.



Prizes Special Award, Anglet (France) 1992 Special Mention, Tolentino (Italy) 1993 Silver Plaque, Ancona (Italy) 1993 Fifth prize, Taejon (Kroeja) 1994. 1996. 1997. 1998.1999. 2000. 2003. 2004. Second prize, Taejon (Korea) 1995. Special Award, Seoul (Korea) 1995 The best caricature by a Croatian author, Bjelovar 1995 Special Award, Okhotsk (Japan) 1996 Third prize, Skopje (Macedonia) 1996. First prize, DIFECA 97, Seoul (Korea) 1997. Special Mention, Omiya (Japan) 1997 Fourth prize, Skopje (Macedonia) 1998 Special award of the magazine “Football”, Zagreb 1998. Special Mention, Foligno (Italy) 1998 Special Mention, Turin (Italy) 1998 Excellent Prize, Tokyo (Japan) 1998. Special Award, Taipei (Taiwan) 1999 Special Award, Nicosia (Cyprus) 1999 Special Award, Tolentino (Italy) 1999 Third prize, Sv. Ivan Zelina 1999 Second prize, Haifa (Israel) 2000. Second prize, Slavonski Brod 2001 Achievement award, Daejeon (Korea) 2001. Special Award, First Web Festival (China) 2002 Special Award, Wolfsberg (Austria) 2002 Third Prize, Daejeon (Korea) 2002. Special Gag Award, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2002 Fifth Prize for Portrait, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2002 Special Mention, Nicosia (Cyprus) 2002 Special Mention, Leng Mu (China) 2003 Special Award, Tolentino (Italy) 2003 Special Award, Second Web Festival (China) 2003 Special Award, Nicosia (Cyprus) 2003 Special Aid on Aids, Brazil 2004 Special Award, Calarasi (Romania) 2004 Special Award, Third Web Festival (China) 2004 Third Prize, Third Web Festival (China) 2004 Excellent Prize, Jianxing (China) 2005 Second Prize, Fourth Web Festival (China) 2005 Third prize, Novi Sad 2006 First prize, Calarasi (Romania) 2006 Special Award, Free Web (China) 2007 Special award, Lastovo 2009 Second prize, 10th free web festival (China) 2011 Special Award on “Football” (Ukraine) 2012 Third prize, Vinica (Macedonia) 2012 Portrait Caricature Award, Lastovo 2014 Recognition and diploma, Vinica (Macedonia) 2014 Second Prize, Santa Clara (Cuba) 2015

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