Cartoonist cum Caricaturist Mr.Jorge Luis Cabrera García from Santa Clara, Cuba (Ranchuelo)



• Name and surname: Jorge Luis Cabrera García.

• Date and place of birth: Cuba, Santa Clara, September 2, 1969.

• Identity card number: 69090206645

• Studies carried out: Architecture.

• Graduated in: Architecture

• Year of graduation: 1994

• Email:

ABSTRACT: – Born in Cuba, in the center of the island, I developed my childhood and adolescence receiving courses in plastic arts where I practiced personal caricature among other activities, later I entered the university where I graduated as an architect in 1994. – Along with the activity that I carry out as an architect, I also do graphic designs, graphic humor, with which I have participated in personal and collective exhibitions and in recent years I have participated as a graphic collaborator in the humorous supplement “Melaito” belonging to the newspaper “Vanguardia” of the Villa Clara province.

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