Cartoonist cum Caricaturist Mr.Hossein Eskandari From Kiel in Germany

My name is Hossein Eskandari. I was born in Shiraz and I live in Kiel in Germany .
My artistic disciplines include:
Miniature, Caricature, and Cartoon, Traditional Iranian handicrafts, Singer of traditional
Iranian song.

1. Member of the Iranian Institute for the development of Visual Arts, specializing in
miniature (Institute Membership card for the promotion of visual arts).
2. Member of Nako association; The largest and most important association of visual
arts (Schleswig Holstein. Germany)
3. Member of a K34 art association in Kiel in Germany
4. Instructor of Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts for 18 years
5. Instructor of Visual Arts at the University for 3 years
6. Most of my works of art have been accepted to be displayed in more than 50
international exhibitions of caricature and cartoons.
7. Instructor of visual arts and holding many individual and public workshops and art
exhibitions in the German state of Schleswig Holstein.
8. About ten years ago, I lost my right hand which I used to work with, in an accident (it
was cut off), but since then I have returned to the art world with my left hand and now I
am happy to be the first cartoonist who is able to work again with the other hand after
being disabled and achieve a lot of success in the world competitions of caricature and
Greetings From: India Toons

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