Cartoonist cum Caricaturist Mr.Chander shekhar (Bunty Cartoonist India) From Jammu City, Jammu And Kashmir, India

A cartoonist who has been inspired by the well recognised cartoonist of India Sh. R. K. Lakshman  started his nostalgic journey collecting cuttings of  newspapers , stealing the newspaper of neighbours and today, he has earned a big name has  as a cartoonist not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in India.  The elegant way to describe the world, cartooning is an art to give a smile on the face of common masses which have seen as ‘Humour with a Pinch of Salt’. A creative medium to correspond is also a visual semiotics and visual persuasion medium. A cartoon can be simple or complex, and can be drawn in almost any style; but it’s not an exact duplication of reality. It’s a representation of the artist’s perceptions of the world, and every person sees the same thing differently.

Greetings From: India Toons