Cartoonist cum Caricaturist ‘Edi Dharma’ From Indonesia.

Cartoonist cum Caricaturist ‘Edi Dharma’ From Indonesia., who resides in Jambi on the island of Sumatra, I joined the Pencil Indonesia foundation(GOLD PENCIL) since 2018 I have been very active in participating in international cartoon contest Until now, besides that, I’m currently working as a teacher arts in schools in children’s basic education, as well as a contributor to the Indonesian national TV (TVRI Jambi)as a cartoon editorial cartoonist. My Fb account: Edi Dharma and my email:

International awards that I have won in the field of cartoons are: –

Winner 3rd Place Cartoon Contest in Balai Kartun Rossem (BKR) Kelantan – Malaysia 2018-

Winner of 2 nd Place Cartoon contest Olive Oil Zaytin Festival Cyprus – Turkish 2019-

Winner of the 13 th International Car Cartoon Grand Prix Prize Award, Zagreb – Croatia 2020-

Winner of 1rd First Prize International Rhubarb Cartoon Contest, Transylvania – Romania 2020-

Honorable Mention the third Cairocature International Contest, Cairo -Egypt 2020-

Honorable Mention International Cartoon Competition & Exhibition Malaysia 2020-

Special Award Xhennet Comics17. International Cartoon & Comic Kosovo 2020

Here’s a glimpse of me, and my concept of cartoons is: Cartoons are a toolunite us from differences, through cartoons we can create a better world share kindness to all human beings in the world.

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