Cartoonist & Caricaturist Mr.Prabhakar Anthoti from Kothagudem India.
Sri Prabhakar garu who is making cartoons in the name of “Prabhakar Antoti” is working in Singareni callaries in Kothagudem. Since they were interested in toys from childhood, they used to draw pictures in the moon. Teachers and fellow students used to admire seeing how the pictures are drawn nicely.
The artists who work for business advertisements when they were studying used to paint pictures on the boards with these people. Learned to write the letters gradually.
Participated in an art competition while studying in seventh grade. They got 1st prize in the competition.
Passed lower and higher exams in drawing exams. Also trained in ttc. In that training, many famous painters like Sri Yele Lakshman garu would have attended. The teachers there took some of their drawings to show to other students. Sri Akbar is a sage to the famous artist there.
They used to practice by watching cartoons in newspapers while studying. First cartoon made it in Pallaki weekly magazine. More than 2000 cartoons have been drawn so far.
This guy has good teaching in all departments in painting. Drawing lower exams are brilliantly written. They don’t know that tomorrow is the exam. I came to know when a friend told me while writing boards in the evening. Just like that went to the exam in Khammam. Other candidates and watchers were surprised to see his drawings as he was not carrying the pod. He just wrote 8 exams like that. But there was a candidate who bought them pods. Well that’s a pass on the test. District ranked first in higher.
Then got a job in singareni. Must be working in the mine about 400 feet down there. Their manager once called while doing so. Someone told him that a good artist named Prabhakar is working with you. From that day Prabhakar garu has been given the task of writing safety instruction boards. Variety was shown in that work also by putting pictures. Appeal from officers has been received. Used to write business bulletin boards in the evening while doing a side job. Already they completed MA (HRM) privately.
As he won the district first place in the drawing competitions conducted by Eenadu in 2008, Sridhar garu not only conducted interview and gave prize in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City, but also asked him to work in Eenadu district edition. Also earlier when I met Uttam garu also they said that if he joins him he will give good training in animation in a year. But Prabhakar did not like to leave the job. But in the next mandal elections, in the district edition, cartoons were drawn in Eenadu for a month. They said meeting Mohan garu in 2002, it was a great feeling. Spent a day with them and learned so many tricks.
Sri Subhani garu used to write about international competitions in Hasyanandam for a few years. Then there was an interest in the caricature department Put a special effort in that. Won prizes at national and international level competitions. Their caricatures are on websites of Italy, Morocco, Iran. Their caricatures are in over 30 exhibitions in several countries. Dr in Delhi on behalf of the art field in 2019. Received a prize in the name of Ambedkar. Received awards in the Ugadi celebrations in Singareni.
Every year children are trained about toys and cartoon during summer holidays.
Their desire is to set up an art school in Hyderabad.
line Courtesy Sitarama Rao Kodali

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