Cartoonist & Caricaturist Mr. Konda Ravi Prasad from Huzurabad, T.S, INDIA.

Konda Ravi Prasad Indian cartoonist:-(short bio )

I am Konda Ravi Prasad freelance cartoonist from INDIA[1975].My profession is electrician. My hobbies are cartoons, caricatures, water colour paintings and digital painting. I am participating in different Cartoon Competitions through Internet. with a cartooning career that exceeds 27 years so far, My cartoons have selected in several competitions and local magazines.

My Achievements:

  1. Excellence prize in China 3rd  international cartoon contest 2004
  2. selected in China lm 4th international cartoon curtest 2005
  3. My cartoon was selected in Karpic-2005 Poland International Cartoon contest.
  4. My cartoon was selected in Addiction2 Iran International cartoon contest in
  5. my cartoon was won medal in international Olive Cartoon Contest – 2017 Cyprus
  6. 6. my cartoon was Selected in the Competition of 2nd International s-coomix 2019 Italy.
  7. International Tourism Cartoon Contest-Turkey 2017 in my cartoon was selected in Turkey.
  8. I won prize on 9th Jiaxing International Animation Biennale /2019 Theme:-SMART CITY. PRIZE

     1800RMB IN CHINA.2019.

  1. Philosopher Lao Zi & Zen Master Huineng Caricatures International Competition,

I won Bronze Award 600 $ IN CHINA2019,

  1. I won so many prizes in national level and state level.

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