Cartoon Youth Challenge, France
8 March to 25 November 2023
On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, celebrated every year on 8 March, Cartooning for Peace invites you to participate in the #cartooningforwomen campaign.
#cartooningforwomen: what is it?
It is a campaign of press cartoons initiated by Cartooning for Peace and its network of cartoonists for several years in favour of gender equality.
#CartoonYouthChallenge: what is it?
It is a unifying campaign that brings together young people from all over the world around press cartoons. The challenge invites young people to express themselves on a theme, through drawing, and to commit themselves to a better world.
In 2023, we encourage young people around the world to use these hashtags to make their voices heard through this campaign.
Theme: Gender equality
Your cartoon can deal with gender discrimination, tell a story, support a cause you want to defend related to this theme, propose solutions to achieve gender equality…
It’s up to you to draw it!
Why take part?
Gender equality concerns everyone! By participating in this campaign, you share your point of view, you feed a common reflection and you exchange with young people from all over the world.
Draw your ideas, experiences, issues and share your vision of gender equality…
What is a press cartoon?
A press cartoon is a news cartoon that conveys a strong message, asserts a point of view and seeks to shake up readers, sometimes with humour, to make them think.
How can you take part?
It’s simple, just draw a press cartoon and post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) using the hashtags #cartooningforwomen
#CartoonYouthChallenge and identifying
Add your first name, age and the country you live in to your cartoon. And don’t forget to sign your cartoon!
Who can take part?
#cartooningforwomen is open to all young people aged 13 to 26, anywhere in the world. The cartoons can be in several languages.
When can you take part?
The campaign is open from the 8 March to the 25 November 2023.
Courtesy: Mr. Fawzy Morsy
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