CARTOON MAN BADUSHA’s  first death anniversary memorial programme ” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2 ” to be held  from 14th May 2022 to 2nd June 2022
CARTOON MAN BADUSHA’s  first death anniversary memorial programme ” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2 ” to be held  from 14th May 2022 to 2nd June 2022
KOCHI : In memory of  CARTOON MAN Badusha, who left us in last June due to COVID, a series of Art Events titled, ” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2″ is scheduled from 14th May 2022 to 2nd June 2022, the first death anniversary date of Badusha.
Badusha was so fond of special children and conducted many programmes  for them and the first programme in the ” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2″  series would be a special programme for the differently abled gifted children aptly titled as ” Heavenly Artist for the Divine Children”, to be held at Panampilly Nagar, Kochi at Lorem premises and the nearby park. MLA of Ernakulam T J Vinod would inaugurate the programme where in Former Judge and Director of Kerala Judicial Academy, K. Sathyan would be the Chief Guest of the occasion. The valedictory ceremony of ” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2″ would be held at the same premises on 2nd of June 2022 with the august presence of the Kochi Mayor, Adv M. Anilkumar and popular cine artist, Siddhique.
“Heavenly Artist for the Divine Children ” scheduled on 14th May 2022 will begin by 9.15 am with a BIG CANVAS DRAWING where in Ten eminent artists create a Doodle Wonder in the twenty feet length canvas featuring how the special children can be brought up beautifully the loving support of family and caring plus training system. The big canvas would also feature the world renowned personalities who overcame this challenge and succeeded in life.
In addition to this BIG CANVAS event, there will be another Collective Drawing Programme where in the Special Children and the artists take part. An art camp along with contests and fun games would also take place and all the participating children will be honoured with certificates and prizes irrespective of any grading.  The participants, their guardians and the general folks assembled can get their caricature done by the eminent caricature artists present at the occasion.
” CARTOONMAN JUNE 2″, the Badusha memorial series of Art Events  is organised by Cartoon Club of Kerala, the fraternity of cartoonists and caricatures with Petals Globe Foundation, the NGO for students, teachers and parents supported by the CSR divisions of LOREM Wellness Care and Learnware Kids. Interested parents of Special children can call 92 07 07 07 11 and register for the programme which is absolutely free of cost.
“CARTOONMAN JUNE 2”, also features, DRAWING & CARTOON CONTESTS for School Children, CARTOON & CARICATURE WORKSHOP for the Students, DRAW BADUSHA initiative and an Exhibition of the Caricatures by Badusha and Caricatures of Badusha drawn by others on the valedictory day , 2nd June 2022. The prize distribution to the winners of the DRAWING & CARTOON CONTESTS would also take place along with.           For more details, kindly contact Sanu Sathyan, Chief Coordinator Petals Globe Foundation on 8137033177
News Courtesy:Mr.Navas Konompara