Cartoon Exhibition and Cartoons Workshop on 5th May (World Cartoonist Day)
Invitation: Open for all: World Cartoonist Day on 5th May
Exhibition, competition and school of fun
Workshop will be organized
Cartoonists will come from Delhi and Bangalore
Cartoonist Day will be celebrated on 5th May 2022 in the campus of the Evening Culture Department under which the cartoon exhibition will be inaugurated at the Art gallery of the Culture Department at 5.30 pm and then 6 pm to 7.30 pm with cartoonists from Delhi Bangalore Cartoonist of the stronghold fun Will attend the school. This cartoon workshop will have laughs, laughs and art lovers will learn some tricks to make cartoons. On this occasion common people can also join this as it is held on the Muktakashi platform of Department of Culture and there is some interesting questions about cartoons that you can ask cartoonists on this day. The cartoon exhibition will continue on the second day i.e. May 6th.
The country’s only cartoon magazine Cartoon Watch magazine is celebrating World Cartoonist Day in its 26th year in collaboration with the Department of Culture. Cartoon Watch editor Trayambak Sharma said that World Cartoonist Day is celebrated worldwide on 5th May. Mr. Sharma said that American cartoonist Richard’s cartoon character was first published in the New York World newspaper on 5 May 1895. World Cartoonist Day started to be celebrated in their memory.
Mr. Sharma said that the All India Cartoon Competition is being organized on this occasion whose topic is – Make friendship not war, it has been kept. Today the whole world is standing on the verge of war and only humanity, love and friendship can save it. Cash prizes will be given in this competition which are as follows. First prize- ten thousand rupees, second prize- seven thousand rupees , third prize- five thousand rupees and 20 special prizes of thousand rupees. Contest entries can be sent via email by 5pm on May 4, 2022. For this information can be found in the Cartoon Watch website, Facebook page.
On this occasion, a two-day cartoon exhibition will also be organized in the art gallery of the Department of Culture. The exhibition will be opening on 5th May 2022 at 5.30pm and will run until 6th May. Along with this, cartoon workshop has been organized on 5th May at 6 pm on Muktakash Manch for which cartoonist Madhav Joshi from Delhi and cartoonist from Bangalore Bibek Sengupta are especially coming to Raipur. Workshop is free so any art lover can join.
Courtesy: Mr.Triambak Sharma
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