Caricaturist Mr.Emanuel Nuñez from Argentina.

Caricaturist Mr. Emanuel Nuñez from Argentina

Name: Emanuel Nuñez

Born in 1991

City: Tucumán

Country:  Argentina


Bio: His first contact with caricatures was when he was 11 years old, tracing pictures of politicians from newspapers in order to study the features of faces and how to rightly exaggerate them.
Since 2011, while studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, he has been working on a wide variety of indie comic books. Then, in 2019 he dedicated to the art of caricature on a professional level.
Through years of practice and studies, with the guidance from professionals, he managed to reach first place in the Traditional category of the nation-wide contest “Concurso de Caricaturas Mercedes Sosa” in 2020. In the present, he is a member of the “UC! Caricaturistas Tucumanos “ (Caricaturist Union of Tucumán).

Awards and Exhibitions:

  • 2022: International Exhibition of Portraits and Caricatures/Romania – celebration of the Centenary of Urmuz (1883-1923)
  • 2022: VIII International Caricature & Gag Cartoon Contest Noticartun – Colombia
  • 2022: II National Illustration and Comic Strips Contest SOMOS – focused on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • 2022: Third Place in the Traditional category at the Caricatumania: World Caricature Show – Caricature of Paul Newman.
  • 2022: Fourth Place at the weekly international challenge Black and White only Drawing Contest NNAA – FB – Caricature of Elvis Presley
  • 2020: First Place in the Traditional category at the caricature contest Concurso de Caricaturas de Mercedes Sosa – Held at the Tinta Nakuy 2020
  • 2018: Group Exhibition – Tinta Nakuy – Cultura Latente 2018 – at Eugenio Flavio Virla cultural center.
  • 2017: Group Exhibition – Tinta Nakuy – Cultura Latente 2017 – at Eugenio Flavio Virla cultural center.
  • 2017: Group Exhibition – GRAFITO #3: Mitos y Leyendas del NOA – held and organized by university staff (U.N.T) at Eugenio Flavio Virla cultural center.
  • 2016: Art School Exhibition – Actividad Saludable y Acciones Culturales Deportivas en el Marco del día Mundial sin Tabaco – at the Tucuman Nursing School Aguilares City ‘s Affiliate.
  • 2014: Group Exhibition – 25th Anniversary of Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center – held and organized by Staff of Tucumán Art School Aguilares City’s Affiliate (D.A.P.A) at Ricardo Rojas cultural center.

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