Caricaturist Cum Cartoonist Hule Hanusic from Vienna – Austria
  • Husejin Hanusic, in the world of caricature known under Pseudonym “Hule”, was born 1953 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    In 1972 he moved to the town of Brcko, where he worked as a teacher in several different schools.
  • From 1987 he was employed in local newspaper “Graditelj ” (later “Brcanske novine) as a cartoonist, illustrator and technical editor and also permanent associate as a cartoonist at the daily newspaper “Oslobodjenje”, Sarajevo. His work’s has been published in various newspapers and magazines in former Yugoslavia
  • He is a member of the Journalists Society of Bosnia and also Croatian Cartoonist Sociaty

  • Hule had a lot of exhibitions not only in Bosnia-Hercegovina but in many other countries. His cartoons were published in international cartoon magazines like: “Rappelkopf” Austria , “Akrep” Cyprus,  “Don Quichotte”Germany, ” Dobri Humor”Poland, “Bostonmag”-  USA and various cartoon Web portals. Hule activly cooperated with one of the most famous world cartoon       e-magazine “Fenamizah” from Turkey.
  • Since the beginning of the Bosnian war in 1992 Hule lives with his family in Vienna, Austria, where he continued to work as cartoonist , publishing some of the cartoons in prestigious Vienna newspapers “Die Presse” .
    He worked at the ‘Academy of fine Arts” in Vienna and is retired since 2013.

Solo Exhibitions:

    • 1982. Art Galery Brčko – BiH
    • 1985. Art Galery Brčko -BiH
    • 1988. Art Galery  Bijeljina -BiH
    • 1990. „Theater festival“ Brcko – BiH
    • 1995. BiH Sociaty Vienna – Austria
    • 1995. Sociaty „Brčko“,  Berlin – Germany
    • 2003. Cartoon Galery, Osijek  – Croatia
    • 2003. Konsthall Staffanstorps – Sweden
    • 2015. Galery “Preporod”, Brcko- BiH
    • 2015. Galery  “JU Kulturni centar” Tesanj – BiH
    • 2019. Art Galery Brčko -BiH

Awards and recognitions:

  • 4 times 1st and 3 times 3rd Place/Prize at Cartoon Festival, Zajecar/Serbia
  • Magazine “Jež ” 1979. Award for the Best cartoon of the month (1979)
  • 3rd Place/Prize of Magazine “Jež” for the funniest cartoon (1986)
  • Special Award at Leng Mu International Cartoon Competition (China 2002)
  • Special Award at Seoul International Cartoon Festival (Korea 2004)
  • Special Award at FVCV international Cartoon Festival (China  2004)
  • 3rd Place/Prize Donquichotte International Cartoon  contest (Germany 2004)
  • 1st Place/Prize Internacional Himal Southasian Cartoon Congress Kathmandu (Nepal  2008)
  • Special Award International Cartoon  contest “Gaza” (Syria 2009)
  • 3rd Place/Award Internacional Festival of Humor and satire “Golden helmet” (Serbia 2010)
  • Special Award International Cartoon Festival  (Ukraine 2012)
  • Special Award Cartoon  Contest – Urzicasni (Romania 2013)
  • Special Award Cartoon contest Himetes (Cyprus 2013)
  • Special Award Cartoon contest DICACO (Korea 2013)
  • 2nd Place/Prize International Cartoon Contest Portret (Syria 2014)
  • Special Award Cartoon Contest  Nasradin Hodja  (Turkey 2014)
  • Gran Prix magazine “Maxminus”, Internacional Cartoon Contest (Sarajevo 2014)
  • Recognition and diploma Sejong Int’l Cartoon Contest, Sicaco (Korea 2016)
  • Special Award 2nd International Cartoon Contest Pristina (Kosovo 2016)
  • Recognition “Competition “Golden keg 2016” (Slovakia 2016)
  • 3rd Place/Prize “Umor la Gura Humorului” (Romania2017)
  • Diploma “The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic” Bucovina (Romania 2017)
  • Diploma and recognition “25 International festival Zlatna kaciga”, Krusevac (Serbia 2017)
  • Special recognition Festival satire, humora I karikature Sveti Nikola” (FYR Macedonia)
  • Recognition and diploma Sejong Int’l Cartoon Contest, Sicaco – Korea 2018.
  • Price na 15th Free Cartoon  Web  Internacional  Cartoon Nett Festival  – China 2018.
  • Special avard  9 th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition / Turkey 2019.
  • The 15th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA – 2019 “ The Time”- 51st World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2019.Prices 3. Avard
  • Excellency Prizes / Diplomas / Urzicenu -2019. Romania
  • Diplomas Festival of Humors and Satiers” Golden Helmet ” – Krusevac – 2020.

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