Baghdad’s International Caricature Gathering
Baghdad’s International Caricature Gathering
The organizing committee, for Baghdad’s international Caricature gathering, announces its open invitation for Cartoonists in Iraq and the world to participate in this gathering which will take place in Iraq on December the 4th 2020. This Gathering coincides with (OPEC) sixtieth anniversary in Baghdad in 1960.
– The topic of the contest is: Oil
– The Cartoonist has the right to present three works.
– The cartoons should be sent as follows
A- Extension: JPG or AI.
B- Dimension: A3.
C- Resolution: 1080 X 2000 Pixels
– The name of the cartoonist and his country should be sent either in English or Arabic.
– A short Bio of the cartoonist’s life and works With a recent photo of him.
– The deadline of receiving the contestants’ work is on 25/11/2020.
– Cartoons that are not part of the contest Topic will be declined.
– The qualified cartoons will be selected by a specialized artistic committee.
– The financial gifts and a golden magical lamp will be granted to the featured works as well as an album containing the participants’ cartoons.
– All the participants will be granted a certificate of appreciation.
– The a/m committee has the right to use these cartoons in all publications,social media, galleries and advertisements.
– Artistic workshops will be organised during the gathering.
– Number of famous cartoonists will be hosted.
– Number of Iraqi, arabic and foreign cartoonists will be awarded.
– The cartoons should be sent to the following email:
Assim Jihad
Head of The organising committee for the gathering
Best Wishes:India Toons