Ayvalık Municipality Cartoon Contest – “Cigarette Butt Free’ AYVALIK”



1- Theme of the Contest: Ayvalık Without Butt

The purpose of organizing the competition is to warn those who endanger natural life by throwing cigarette butts into ashtrays or trash cans, but to the streets, seas, beaches, beaches and forests, with the universal language of cartoons, and to raise social awareness on this issue .

2- The competition is open to all amateur or professional cartoonists. The cartoons to be submitted may have been published, but must not have received an award from another competition.

3- The drawing technique is free in the cartoons to be sent to the competition.

4- Caricatures to be sent electronically must be “at least 300 dpi resolution”.

5 – Each competitor can participate with a maximum of 3 (three) cartoons. Competition cartoons (whether they receive an award or not) are non-refundable and all rights of use belong to the Ayvalık Municipality as well as the owner of the work.

6-Competitors must legibly write ANNEX1 and APPENDIX2 Documents containing their names and surnames and contact information besides their cartoons. Caricatures last until 17.30 on Sunday 21/08/2022

It should have been reached by e-mail to izmaritsizayvalik@gmail.com .

7-The cartoon competition will be held on the date and place to be announced by Ayvalık Municipality and TEMA Foundation Ayvalık District Responsibility. The participating cartoons will be numbered and displayed, and the results will be determined by the votes cast throughout the day in the ballot box by those who come to watch the exhibition.

Under the supervision of the commission consisting of Ayvalık Municipality Representative and TEMA Ayvalık Representative under the coordination of Cartoon Artist Sönmez YANARDAĞ, the nine national cartoons that will receive the most votes will be awarded with a gift package consisting of local products of Ayvalık.

Prizes will be sent to the addresses of the winning Artists by courier within a week.

Ayvalık Municipality will exhibit the selected works at environmental events and will publish them on social media, in the culture, art and tourism magazine of the municipality, together with the names of the owners.

Courtesy: Mr.Sönmez Yanardağ

Best wishes  from  India Toons