Artist Mr.Mongkol Srisombat from Phra Nakhon.

Creative art It comes from our own aesthetics. From the experience of perception of what is
seen and the influence of the environment. Under perfect physical and mental health, various
skills or methods can be applied. convey to create feelings for those who see.
My name is Mongkol Srisombat. I have a bachelor's degree in art teacher. born in northern
Thailand the terrain is mostly mountains and forests. It must have been lucky for me. that
neglects material and property factors first It arises from one's own thoughts and feelings.
Nature and surrounding environment and way of life that I have cultivated mind, morality,
concentration, wisdom, education around me. that can create beauty for himself throughout
his life Especially the Asian hemisphere where I was born in northern Thailand. Most of the
terrain is naturally mountainous. And abundant in the country, good weather, natural disasters
rarely occur. There is a beautiful and unique culture. including soft spoken language Most local
people will love and cherish the available resources and preserve them. Especially the local
culture needs support. to maintain the freedom to live and take care of others environment
and society There is one factor that influences psychology to convey and create artistic people.
There are many talented artists who can create social aesthetics.

Medium: Watercolor on paper

I live there all the time, so I can feel it and fill it with my life. Is to study at an art institute and
have a profession as an art teacher. Therefore, there is an opportunity to pass on academic
experience and social practice in constructive ways. Participate in local community activities to
represent the country and grow in society. Government work in providing happiness to the
people. Spending over 30 years between my full time. Job until retirement and at the end of
my full-time job, I have lived happily and happily working to date. This is the saying of good

Now I returned to the life of an independent artist. The important thing is to do things that are
happy. That can impress the user or the audience. – Impressed and happy with the art that we
create. Lack of friends is not a problem but for art I can be alone and alone for as long as I want.
And promised that I would stay so active that my body couldn't reach it.
I write paintings, art crafts or skills acquired from the past. I paint with almost all kinds of
paints, such as wood color, watercolor, chalk, acrylic and oil, but today I chose to use
"watercolor" which is more effective. than other paint jobs It also reduces the risk. for health
caused by chemicals I will have more time to work. Work from home without having to struggle
with the social world outside too much.

My paintings are transmissions. From life experiences, feelings, as well as the things that are
remembered and impressions in the past, most of the methods. Techniques to mimic nature or
realistic images that are unique and not complicated. People who eat art are easy to
understand. From viewing the paintings and will focus on the content, lifestyle, culture and
nature. Local stuff in my own country. What is conveyed is a painting that expresses feelings.
And the beauty of the writing that takes time to produce results. From working to art. That

makes it a habit to use skills. It makes the process beneficial in addition to patience in the work.
Planning to get your job done and have fun.


I have time to create works in addition to the joy of being independent. I can also bring the
results of online media technology transfer. get to know the art community Study exchange
with the Artist Association and participate in various exhibitions. including international online
exhibitions. It is intended that all works will be remembered for future generations.

Collaborative works with international artists in 2020 such as
* Attend a show International Water color Competition 2season Society Poland
* Attend a painting show International Watercolor Society / IWS Ukraine
* Silver Medal, International Online Art Competition "Covid 19" Bindass Artist Group (BAG)
* Invited online artist "SOLO Art Exhibition" Bindass Artist Group (BAG)
* Won IWS Isles 3rd, 2nd International Online Coffee Painting Contest / IWS London, IWS
* Exhibited in a small painting fair. International Festival of the watercolor mini Watercolor /
* 1st Outstanding Award, 4th Tbilisi International Watercolor Festival & Exhibition / Tbillsi,
* Attend a virtual painting exhibition for the love of art "Love Revelution", Council of Cultural
Relations of India
* Take part in the "Positive Energy Art" painting, the open stage of Art Expressions / India.
* Attended an exhibition of Exposition International D 'Aquarelle, Alba – France & Hochiminh –

Educational background**
Education Certificate in Arts and Crafts College of Fine Arts and Crafts Pho Chang, 1978 Diploma in Fine
Arts in Painting. Poh – Chang Academy of Arts, 2525. Bachelor of Arts (Arts) Secondary Education,
Ayutthaya Rajabhat Institute 1997 Bachelor of Education (Arts), Ayutthaya Rajabhat Institute 2000,
holds the position of Art Technician under the Ministry of Public Health. Phanakhon Si Ayutthaya
Province, 1984 – 2560 present a pensioner.

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