Artist Mr. Anji Akondi from East Godavari, India.

Artist Mr. Anji Akondi from East Godavari, India.

Hailing from katrenikona, a village in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, Anji Akondi is an Art teacher since 2012 at Govt school katrenikona .He is also a trainer and an instructor for TTC in East Godavari dist.
He is the founder and secretary of Creative Hearts Academy formed in 2017,with the soal motive to up bring talented Artists. As a result many batches of students passed out doing their diploma in FA under him. Conducting competitions regionally and Nation wide under Creative Hearts has recognized many skilled and aspiring provides platform to encourage and motivate artists, also honoring them with medals, mementos and certificates. IN 2019-2020 he conducted national online competition which invited many participants throughout the country .As a result this institution was much acclaimed among the artists all over the country.
Recently he conducted an art exhibition including 40 artists from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
He participated in Art exhibition in Chennai, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Amalapuram. also has bagged many awards Nationally and internationally.

His Art repertoire ranges from Oil painting to Acrylic ,to Watercolor, Charcoal art ,digital art and to pencil art. his painting speaks of him and his village and culture. The blending of hues and the texturing makes his painting a marvel. Many works are on Lord Anjaneya and on human figures depicting the aesthetics of Indian village.
If he bring life to still life painting through the colors ,he brings life to portraits using charcoal in Black and white mode.


His passion ,dedication and aspiration is a real inspiration and motivation to all art lovers.
Sita Rama Anjaneya Akondi ( Anji Akondi)is not only an Aspirant of Art but also discerning art lover who appreciates the excellence of fellow artists and aspiring artists, an art Patron in true words.

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