Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist Mr.Bhimarao Kharidehal from HYD- INDIA

Mr.Bhimarao Kharidehal Born on 6th July 1941 in Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram district. Married in 1973 to father Sri Venkataramaniah, mother Srimati Venkata Narasamma and Amritmala. They have a son Sriram and a daughter Lakshmi B.S.C in Vizianagaram. Studied physics and passed the university in the second rank. Later he worked at Baba Nuclear Power Station from 1961 to 1966. ECIL from 1967 to 1995. Worked in and retired. E.C.I.L. Worked in R & Production in Semi Conductor Division and rendered special services. MBA from JNTU while working. He studied and passed in first class. He used to get not only 100 marks but also 150 marks in Mathematics. Their nature is to work hard and work enthusiastically.

Today more than yesterday, every man longs to see some improvement. Due to these qualities, even after retirement, he chose to practice painting as an instinct. Because music, comedy and painting are favorite habits among family members. Painting entered a new chapter in his life due to the inspiration of many prominent people in Vizianagaram. From childhood, he used to enjoy looking at Bapu’s toys. He made it a habit to scrutinize and experiment with pictures. E.C.I.L. On the management doing the job in 1500 cartoons were published in Officers Association magazine. Animation course after retirement Also did for a year. Later, he did serials and films for three years for the works of many famous people like Sri Kandukuri Sivanandamurthy,

Sri Pilaka Ganapati Shastri, in various daily and weekly magazines. Recently in Andhra Bhumi, Dashama Skandham serial was also casted. Face pictures, calendars, logos, illustrations were added to many books and tried a unique style. After getting acquainted with Bapu, with his encouragement, he published Sachitra Hanuman Chalisa for the first time on his own and started painting on mythological subjects. Later, he published the books Bhajagovindam, Vishnu Sahasra Naam and Aditya Hrudayam with the help of his brothers Sri K. Venkatarao and Kalluri Satyarama Prasad.

In this category, many spiritual prophets, literary figures, patrons of art have received the thanks and blessings. Their books are not available in the shops and enthusiasts come home and take up to 100 books at a time. Last year, Bhimrao along with Sri Kalluri Satyarama Prasad published another unique book titled Sachitra Sri Thyagaraja Kirtanamritham through Sri Yabaluri Raghavaiah Memorial Trust. This book was written by Dr. K.V. Being discovered by Ramanachari is considered very early. There are many Telugu people from the south who sing Thyagaraja kirtans and get Amitananda. But in terms of literature it can be considered as the best book published with its sense, context, word analysis and other features. 400. With 100 color pictures with songs, this book is very entertaining.

They are currently trying to paint the 108 key verses of Bhagavad Gita with meaning and human relations. This can be encouraged by many elders and spiritual teachers hoping Everyone says that your dolls resemble Bapu Gari. Bapu is the inspiration for today’s photographer Koddogoppa will be fine. But painters themselves agree that Bhimrao’s style is very close to Bapu’s style. But if Bhima Rao was asked about this, he would politely say, “Bapugari’s pictures are like rose flowers, my pictures are like Gunner’s flowers.” Both look similar from afar. But it is said with great devotion and respect for Bapu that there is no flower better than a rose for its beauty, fragrance and softness. 79 76 24 In person he is soft-spoken and triune. It is said that even at the age of 79, fatigue is not known due to the mindset of working 24 hours a day. Bhimrao A.S. Lives in Rao Nagar. Let’s pray that Lord Bhimrao will be blessed with long life and that he will be able to portray many more mythological subjects. Mutralaya Raghavendraswamy Math for their Vishnu Sahasra Nama book Honored with a prize of Rs. Kandukuri Sivananda Murtigari ‘Sanatana Dharma Charitable Trust honored them. And many more.

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