Artist cum Cartoonist Mr.SOLTAN SOLTANLI From Baku, AZERBAIJAN



  1. Agsu region, Kalva village.

1993-1997. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University – bachelor degree.

1997-2000. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University – magister degree.

  1. Member of Azerbaijan Painters’ Union.

He is a painter, graphic and caricaturist.


  1. “Soltan gulur” (“Soltan laughs”)
  2. “Soltanin jizgileri” (“Soltan’s paintings”)
  3. “Caricatures”
  4. Azerbaijan Painters’ Union, the private exhibition.
  5. “Irrealism”


  1. Azerbaijan Painters’ Union, the exhibition hall named after V.Samadova
  2. National Library named after M.F.Akhundov
  3. Azerbaijan Painters’ Union, the exhibition hall named after V.Samadova
  4. Icharishahar, Mugham Theatre
  5. Private exhibitions in Tabriz and Ardabil cities of Iran.
  6. European Federation of Psychology Students Association-EFPSA the private exhibition on 31st Common Europe Congress. Gakh, “El restore” hotel.
  7. Irrealism. Baku
  8. “On the way to the high ideas” “Irshad” hotel.
  9. “The intimate beauty” YAY gallery.
  10. “Unreal world”. 27qm – Tarana’s Small Gallery and Cafe


  1. International Salon Of press cartoons and satirical visual arts-Romania (Award Of Excellence)
  2. International Cartoon Competition & Exhibition Malaysia (Honorable Mention)

2019, Macedonia. The 5 th International Competition for Caricature “Bride`s Veneration 2019” (Certification of appreciation)

2019, Turkey. 1 st İnternational Mail Art Olympos Exhibition. (Certification of participation)

2019, Tokyo . Wonderful? Wonder World 2019. Tokyo Motoazabu Gallery . (Certificate)

  1. Croatia. 15. Interational Cartoon Festival. Solin. (Prize Certifikate)

2019, Morocco 3 rd Edition of theİnternational Festival of Cartoon in Afrika (Certificate of participation)

2019, Turkey “MERCY” International Cartoon Exhibition . (Certification of participation)

  1. Belgium. Euro Kartonale. 22nd edition of the cartoon contest. (Certificate of participation)
  2. Turkey. 10 th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival. (Certificate of participation)

2019, İndonesiya Papb International Cartoon Festival. (Certificate of appreciation)

2019, Malaysia International Cartoon Exhibition. (Certificate of participation)

2018, Peru The International Graphic Humor Contest La Sonrisa Inca, Cusco (Diplom)

2018, Iran The second International Cartoon Festival of Al-Quds Day (Certificate of participation) 2018, Colombia 4th International Competition of Caricature and Graphic (Diploma of participation) 2018, Croatia. 4 the International Cartoon Exhibition. (Certificate of participation)

2018, Romania The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic “BUCOVINA” the 12 th Edition (nominated)

2018, Portugal. VI Bienal De Humor Luiz Doliviera Guimaraes. (Certificado de selecçao)

  1. Greece. International Cartoon Exhibition Ymittos. (Diploma of participation)

2018, Turkey 9th International Tourism Cartoon Competition (III prize)

2018, Cairo 5th International Cartoon Gathering (Certificate of participation)

2018, Macedonia The 4th International Competition for Caricature “Bride’s veneration” (Certificates for successful work)

2017, Korea The 6th Sejong International Cartoon Contest (Honorable mention)

2017, Turkey “Bir kitap, bin dost” magazine (Certificate of appreciation)

2017, İndonesia Jitet and Friends Exhibition (Certificate of participation)

2017, Spain 6th GIN Graphic Humor Contest (II prize)

2017, Turkey 9th İnternational Eskisehir Cartoon Festival (Certificate of participation)

2016, China 15th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival (Bronze Prize)

2016, Turkey İnternational Universal Cartoon Masters (Honorary certificate)

2016, İndonesia 2.Secac İnternational Cartoon Exhibition (Certificate of participation)

2015, Korea The 4th Sejong International Cartoon Contest (Honorable mention)

2005, China 3. Leng Mu International Cartoon Competition (Special prize)

2004, China 2. Leng Mu International Cartoon Competition (Excellence prize)

2003, Korea 12 th Daejon International Cartoon Contest (Special prize)

2002, China 1. Leng Mu International Cartoon Competition (Special prize)

2001, Egypt EFPAC – I International Cartoon Competition (III prize)

2001, Turkey I International Fair Play Cartoon Competetion (I prize)

Thank you so much Sir, for your kind participation, Greetings from: India Toons