Artist, Cartoonist Sepideh Faramarzi From Iran

General specifications:
• Full name: Sepideh Faramarzi/ Iran, Bandar-e Anzali /1986

Artistic resume and awards:
• Participate in the University of Massachusetts International Painting Exhibition 2020
with the participation of more than 60 countries from around the world
• Selected International Painting Festival in Morocco (Stay in your home/ 2020)
• Participation in the Malaysia International Painting Exhibition (The Bridge/ 2020)
• Participation in the India International Group Painting Exhibition (Hope/ 2020)
• Participation in the group painting exhibition of Milad Tower entitled Peace (Iran /
Tehran / 2020)
• Participate in a group exhibition of The color of peace at the Ghasr Museum (Iran / Tehran /

• Receive the Theme Prize and catalog from the SICACO International Festival (South
• Winner of the Second World Prize (Silver Prize) at the International Competition in
SICACO (South Korea/2019)
• Winner of special prize in international Red Man competition (China/ 2019-2020)
• Winner of special mention award of Equal Rights and Gender Equality international
contest (Norway/ 2019-2020)
• Receive an exhibition certificate and a finalist Receive an award at the Portugal
International Penela Festival (2020)
• Selected artwork in the exhibition, catalog and award section of the 12th Fajr visual arts
Festival (Iran / Tehran/ 2020)
• Getting to the final and catalog in 15e George van Raemdonck Kartoenale (Belgium
• Receive a certificate of honor and a finalist received an award at the Malaysia
International Festival and Exhibition (2020)
• Member of the jury of Turkey’s third international BirkitapBindost Festival (2020)
• Representative of Turkey’s Birkitapbindost e-magazine in Iran
• Receive a special prize at the International S-COOMIX Festival in Italy (2018)
• Selection of 3 artworks at the South Korean Poster World Exhibition (Green World /
• Member of the jury of the Happyland Children and Adolescents Painting Competition at
Khatam Al-Anbia Cultural and Artistic Center (Guilan / Rasht / 2019)
• Getting to the final and catalog in EURO-KARTONALE- Belgium (2019)
• Receive a certificate for participation in Welt Heimat international Contests (Germany/
• Receive a certificate for participation in cebu lampoon festival (Philipines /2019)
• Getting to the final in KalDer Bursa festival (Turkey/ 2019)
• Getting to the final and catalog 15th international competition of kosovo (2018)
• Participation in Humo DEVA Romania (2018)
• Participate in more than 60 group exhibitions in the country and abroad
• Author and Publication of several art articles in international art magazines in Turkey,
India and ….
• Publication of artworks in several prestigious catalogs around the world
• I teach art in my art studio and in numerous art centers
• Organizer of art workshops in the field of painting, illustration and caricature
• Contact information:
• email:
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