3rd International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest

3rd International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest


The aim: The aim of the contest is to create awareness about the The World is Bigger than Five (A Fair World) and to ensure that original works are produced in this field.

The Theme: The World is Bigger than Five (A Fair World)

It is expected that the subject of” The World is Bigger than Five (A Fair World)” to be caricatured by the artists with an enriched perspective through original concepts and topics.

The International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest is organized by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in

Kocaeli, Turkey and it is planned to be organized every year. The contest is open the participation of professional and amateur cartoonist from all around the world.

The jury of the contest will gather in 18-19 February 2023.

The award ceremony of the International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest will be organized the date of

April, 2023 in Kocaeli.


2. The contest is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all around the world. (There is no age

3. It is allowed to be sent maximum 5 works that is related to the theme of the contest. (The works must be sent in a courier package)

4. It is not allowed to apply for a work which has already been awarded before in another contest. 5. All drawing techniques are accepted. (The digital drawings may also be sent to the contest.)

6. For the pre-registration, the participants are supposed to fill in the application form in the website of the organization, www.kocaelicartoon.com. In addition to this, they are supposed to send an email which consists of their works in j-peg format, maximum 200 dpi and 5 MB size for per file to the email address of the contest, kocaelicartoon@gmail.com.

7. Participants who already pre-registered by the website for the contest must send the original work(s) (with wet signature) with the signed participation form to the address below by courier.

Address: Kocaeli Büyükşehir Belediyesi Gençlik ve Spor Hizmetleri Dairesi Başkanlığı Dijital Kılavuz Ömerağa Mah. Şehabettin Bilgisu Cad. No:50 (Genç Mekan) Izmit-KOCAELİ/TÜRKİYE (if the work is a digital drawing, it is necessary to print it out and sign its front side)

8. The submitted original work’s size must be the minimum A4 size (21 x29.7cm) and maximum A3 size

(29.7×42 cm).

9. The applications which do not consist of the participation form with signature and the work with signature

will be out of the evaluation.

10. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is not responsible for the works that have been damaged while posting.

11. The works that are sent to the contest will not be sent back to the participants.

12. The participant licenses and exclusively permits the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the use rights

which is described under the Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No. 5846, 21.-25: on processing, reproduction, distribution, representation in any way, use of fiscal rights, transferring those rights to third parties without limitation of any place, time and number restriction of the participated work(s). The participant further accepts the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has the rights to keep submitted work(s) in archive, to publish them on the internet and in other forms, including but not limited to the use of them in any way they desire, and in respect of the financial rights transferred for that reason is accepted by participant and declared in advance that they will not engage in any transactions with 3rd persons for the mentioned rights.

13. The transportation and accommodation costs of all award winners to attend the award ceremony will be covered by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

14. The success awards are only for the participants who live in Kocaeli province.

15. The deadline for the applications is February 03, 2023, Friday.

16. The jury members and their first-degree relatives are not allowed to apply for the contest. 17. The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has a right to decide whether the works would be published on the website or not.

18. In case, one or more declared jury members would not have a chance to take part of the organization because of compelling reasons, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and UWC has a right to replace them.


3rd International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest


First Prize

30.000 Turkish Lira

Second Prize

Third Prize

25.000 Turkish Lira

15.000 Turkish Lira

Success Awards

5.000 Turkish Lira (4 pieces)

Encouragement Award

5.000 Turkish Lira (1 piece)

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Doru AXINTE/Cartoonist-Romania

Vasco GARGALO/Cartoonist-Portugal

Adriana MOSQUERA/Cartoonist-Spain

Murat YILMAZ/Cartoonist – Türkiye

Ahmet ALTAY/Cartoonist – Türkiye

Courtesy: Mr. Ahmet Altay


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