2nd NIKO NIKOLLA International Cartoon Biennial, Albania 2022

Theme:1-cartoon” “Where is the world going ,,,?” 2- caricature: Portrait of Agim Sulaj

II International Biennial of Cartoon Niko Nikolla-Albania 2022

1-cartoon” “Where is the world going ,,,?”
2- caricature:  Portrait Agim Sulaj

The artistic board of Albanian Excellence, founder of the International Cartoon Biennale Niko Nikolla, has decided that the theme of the second International Cartoon Biennale Niko Nikolla will be: “Where is the world going…?”

This topic was set based on the situation that the world is going through today in many ways.

In different atheistic perspectives and plans, artists from all over the world through the art of caricature will bring the powerful social, environmental and political messages that every society has today.

In this Biennale are invited to participate:

Cartoon artists from the age of 18 years
Works can send them in all techniques
Works must be submitted by September 5, 2022
For papers on the given topic should be submitted
The works should be send to the address : albexcellence@gmail.com
The submitted works could not have participated in any other competition
From all the submitted papers, the Jury will select 150 works.
The works will be mailed by the authors
The selected works will be notified by email and then the original works will start
The works that will be declared winners will remain the property of the Cartoon Biennale
10-The presented works will be illustrated during the days of the Biennale

Jury :
Agim Sulaj President of the Jury Italy
Angel Boligan -Mexico
Valentin Gregoriev- Bulgaria
Bernard Buton -France
Marinela Nardi -Italy
Gianni Martini- Italy
Rezear Xhaxhiu -Albania
Nexhat Krasniqi -Kosovo

Prizes /cartoon:

First prize 500 euros
Second prize 300 euros
Third prize 200 euros
The Euro Humor Association – Prim Alpe Association, will sponsor these awards and Mr. Gianni Martini based on a cooperation agreement signed between the two associations.

Prizes /caricature

First prize 400 euros
Second prize 300 euros
Third prize 200 euros


Courtesy: Mr. Agim Sulaj

Best Wishes from India Toons