2nd Immigration Cartoon Competition, UK 2023.
The “Humanity Cartoons” cartoon competition aims to raise awareness and inspire thought about the plight of refugees through the medium of cartoon art. The competition is open to all individuals aged 16 and over and encourages original and creative submissions addressing refugees. A panel of experts will judge submissions, and the winning cartoon(s) will receive a cash prize. Time to Help UK is committed to using the power of cartoon art to shed light on critical social issues. We hope this competition will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges faced by refugees.
The theme of the “Humanity Cartoons” cartoon competition is the plight of the immigrants and the challenges they face. The competition encourages entrants to submit original and creative cartoons that address this theme and aim to raise awareness and inspire thought about the issue. Entrants should focus on illustrating the struggles and difficulties immigrants face. The theme also promotes the idea of using the power of cartoon art to shed light on critical social issues and contribute to a better understanding of the matters related to immigration.
Terms and Conditions
1. Eligibility: The competition is open to all individuals aged 16 and over, except for Time to Help (UK) employees and their immediate families. The cartoon must be an original creation – no copyrighted material may be used.
2. Submission period: The competition will begin on 20/01/2023 and ends on 1st of May 2023. Entries received after the end of the submission period will not be considered.
3. How to enter: To enter the competition, individuals must submit a cartoon on the subject of refugees. The cartoon must be original and created by the individual submitting it. The cartoon must not contain violence, profanity, sex or direct attacks on individuals or organizations that surpasses the limits of legitimate criticism. Any entries deemed offensive will be immediately disqualified. The cartoon(s) must be submitted as a high-resolution JPEG/PNG/PDF. Entries should be submitted via https://humanitycartoons.com along with a completed entry form. 
4. Rights granted by entrant: By submitting an entry to the competition, the entrant grants Time to Help (UK) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, display, and distribute the entry in any media for any purpose, including for promotion and advertising of the competition and Time to Help (UK).
5. Prizes: The competition’s winner will receive.
• 1st Place: $1000
•  2nd Place: $750
• 3rd Place: $500
• 4th Place: $250
• 5th Place: $100
• Jurys’ Special: $100
The winner will be notified by email on the first week of June 2023.
• Payment will be made to the winner(s) of the competition within 30 days of the announcement of the winner(s).
• Payment will be made via bank transfer or PayPal, at the organiser’s discretion. The winner(s) will be responsible for providing the necessary bank account or PayPal information for payment.
• If the winner(s) is/are unable to provide the necessary bank account or PayPal information, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the winner(s) and select an alternate winner(s).
• The winner(s) will be responsible for paying any taxes or fees associated with the receipt of the prize.
• The organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the prize in transit or during delivery.
• By accepting the prize, the winner(s) agrees to allow the organiser to use their name and image in promotional materials.
• Any disputes arising out of or related to the competition or these payment terms and conditions will be resolved by the laws of England and Wales by the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
6. Judging: Entries will be judged by a panel of judges selected by Time to Help (UK). The judges’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
7. Miscellaneous: Time to Help (UK) reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the competition at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary. Participation in the contest, including being selected to have your cartoon considered for inclusion in the final presentation, in no manner constitutes an endorsement or support by Time to Help (UK) of the candidates’ views or aims or of any products or services. 
8. Usage of the name and logo: Candidates shall not advertise or claim to have obtained any such endorsement or support. Time to Help (UK) name and logo are the property of Time to Help (UK) and should not be used in any manner whatsoever without the prior consent of Time to Help (UK). Time to Help (UK) must approve in writing any statement, advertisement, press release or similar communication in any media relating to candidates’ participation in the competition.
9. Amendment: Time to Help (UK) may amend these conditions without prior notice.
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