100 peace cartoon by cartoonman Badusha set to get record

The Malayali cartoonist, who has done many exhibitions, live shows, TV shows and more across the world on various themes over years, did it via his online social media page, as a Best of India records attempt.
Badusha cartoonman, who aimed to complete 100 cartoons based on the theme of peace within 1.5 hours, can be seen finishing them within 42 minutes and 20 seconds, in the video on his page. He says, “Now is a time at which people crave for peace more than anything. That’s why I attempted such a feat. In my 100 cartoons in the video, dove, which is considered a symbol of peace, appears as the main character across sketches. There are even cartoons that criticize the symbolization of dove as the same, based on various theories from across the world.

The artiste, who has been active in the field since 2005, has been doing Peace Day based exhibitions or shows since 2017

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